Ernold Same

In 1996 Blur released a song, ably assisted by the dulcet tones of former MP Ken Livingston, called Ernold Same which told a cautionary tale of a man doomed to repeat the same day again and again.

“Today will always be tomorrow….”

After a few weeks of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m starting to know how the fictional character felt!

So, rather than getting sucked into an endless procession of the same day on repeat, I have resolved to find ways to change my routine.

Here where I have got to so far….

1. Exercise. If you want to fire up those endorphins and get the feel good chemicals rattling round your brain then get a dose of exercise. Even better is when you bring variety to your routine so the same muscles don’t get worn down by the repetition. So far those week I have cycled, ran a few times, done some HIIT sessions and a couple of online yoga classes – all of which whilst strictly observing the UK social distancing rules! I feel fitter and more ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

2. Acquiring new (or visiting old) skills. It is so easy to fall into a routine of least resistance. Checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can kill an hour. Watching that Hawaii 5-0 repeat takes care of another hour. Before you know it, the next episode auto-plays so that’s another hour gone without achieving much at all. Why not use the time to acquire a new skill or revisit an old one? After half attempting to learn the guitar a few months ago I am using this time to get the acoustic back out again and will see where it takes me. What skills could you develop during this time?

3. Voracious reading. There is absolutely no better way to get out of your own mind than by picking up a book, especially ones that bring a positivity to contrast the news being pumped from every media outlet. In the spirit of keeping things fresh I have four books on the go at the moment. Two from my favourites authors Seth Godin and Robin Sharma and a couple of biographies from people who inspire me.

4. Food. I think we’ve all heard the quote, “we are what we eat” and in times like these it is so easy to gorge on comfort food. I’m taking a different path. As a recently converted vegan, I’m using the time to explore new foods and recipes. Not only do I feel healthier but meal times are more interesting as I try out new things.

5. Target setting. Finally, I find nothing helps to keep me motivated like setting a target and using my time to achieve it. If you are struggling to break out of the mundane think about (and most importantly write down) those little wins that you can strive for over the next week. Once you have achieved them set yourself some bigger targets and keep going!

Remember, your world doesn’t have to stay the same – YOU can change tomorrow!