Ever wondered what separates the good from the great and the leaders from everyone else. There’s probably a few answers to this but the best one is that they get things done. So how do they get things done I hear you ask? They Begin.

The power of starting a project is infinite. As you sit reading this you can probably think of hundreds of ideas that you’ve had that never made it any further – this might sound obvious but in most cases it’s because you didn’t begin them.

You’re not alone in this. I’ve had lots of ideas that I didn’t follow through on. The fact that I’ve written this blog is testament to the fact that I took an idea and actually started to do something to achieve it. I feel a hell of a lot happier aswell for doing it.

Beginning something will give you momentum and will get you excited about the things that you could achieve with your ideas. I’m pretty sure that not all of your ideas will change the world and you probably won’t finish all of them either but by beginning you’ll give yourself a fighting chance of creating something special.

And the best thing is, once you begin a few projects, you’ll find that you get more ideas giving you more opportunity to begin projects to take you to the next level. It might be a work idea that you have, an initiative to bring your family closer together, a way of making money or a scheme to get fitter. It doesn’t matter; if you begin you will have an infinitely greater chance of getting it done than if you don’t.

So the next time that great (or even mediocre) idea zips into your head and while you wonder how it’s going to end give it a start – begin to make it happen. You never know where it might take you……