You’ve just started that new project or relationship you were nervous about. You’ve gotten over the initial fear of actually starting, so how do you feel?

Excited? Mean and hungry? Do you have a fire in your eyes?

What about in 3 hours, 3 weeks or 3 months – will you still feel the same? My guess is the fire will have dimmed a little.

Perseverance is a skill or mindset that can help to set you apart from the rest. When tedium of the project or relationship takes over you have a choice about how to react.

You can procrastinate, do ‘busy’ things that give you gratification but don’t really help you achieve the goals you set yourself. You can get involved in the hum-drum because it’s easier than challenging yourself to keep going. If you look around that’s probably what everyone else is doing so why not, right?


Every day you can make ground, you can take action against the procrastination. You can stick to your goals and refocus your efforts on achieving them. Pretty soon I think you’ll find that you are leading the field.

If you think of any person who has achieved success over a period of time and you will see they have persevered at some difficult points in their career. There have been times when it wasn’t all about success. It might be a sportsperson who has had to content with injuries or training to reach that next level of fitness. It might be a businessperson who has had to turn around their organisation.

One of the people I really look up to is the ex-Asda CEO Allan Leighton. When he and Archie Norman went into Asda, the company was apparently 24 hours from bankruptcy. Allan and Archie didn’t turn the company around overnight; it took years of dedication and sticking to their task before they could say they’d achieved what they set out to.

You are no different, you might not be a CEO, but with perseverance you can achieve anything you set out to.

Remember, you are magnificent, so be the last one standing!