Hands up if as a child you wanted to be a spaceman/train driver/professional footballer?

Now keep your hand up if you are a spaceman/train driver/professional footballer?

I’m guessing that not many of you still have your hand up, am I right?

That’s a real shame isn’t it?

We all had these dreams as children of doing something amazing but somewhere along the path we lost these dreams and became what we are today.

By the way, if you still have your hand up – well done! Can you give me a call so I can find out your secret?

Now before this chapter gets too doom laden and everyone starts thinking their lives are over, let’s get back to today and realise that just because those dreams we had didn’t come true it doesn’t mean we still can’t dream and have a big vision. In fact, I suggest that because our earlier dreams didn’t come true it’s more important that we refocus and find out what being a spaceman means for us now.

After reading this you might be asking yourself, what the point is. If the dreams you had then didn’t come true then why should they come true now? The difference is that I’m now going to give you a way of bringing those dreams to life.

First, you need to make your dream as real as possible and write down the characteristics of what you want to achieve. If it’s a car you want to drive, write down the make, model and colour, if it’s a house you want to live in, make it real by writing down the area you want it to be in, the number of bedrooms, any details for you that make the dream real. If it’s a job you want, write down the role and what you will achieve through the role.

Now that you have defined your dream start to behave as though you have already achieved your dream. Plan out how you will achieve your dream and behave as though you have already done the things you need to do. Make a detailed list of the things you need to do to achieve your dream, if it’s that job you dream about does it mean gaining a professional qualification or volunteering for extra projects in your current role. If you align this to the behaviours you think you need to demonstrate in the new role, your dream will become a reality. There is something in Quantum Physics about putting out vibrations and like attracting like. If I’m honest I don’t fully understand it myself but it sounds plausible and it must be better than not trying.

Finally, every time you achieve a step towards your dreams, be grateful. Say “Thank You” and you’ll find that those you are grateful towards will try even harder to help you achieve your dreams.