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Change is strange. We fear it and when it happens we usually resist it, fight it or doing anything we can to stop it from happening. Yet, as you read this there are probably 10 things that you would like to change. Get a new job, be fitter, be more outgoing, move house, be in (or out) of a relationship? Am I right?

Psychologists talk about a response cycle that we all go through when any change impacts on us. It starts with shock; our initial reaction which dates back to our primeval days is to freeze both physically and mentally. After the initial shock we move onto anger, we might shout a bit, stomp around or get a bit more physical with things or people. After the anger we resist and finally at some point we give in to the change and accept.

Each of us is different and each situation is different so the speed with which we move through this cycle will change every single time but the common point is that the first three phases are a negative approach to take. Only when we accept the change can we begin to proactively engage in the process and make the most of it.

So, with all of this in mind I’ve tried to find the key points that will help deal with change in the best way you can.

First of all, whatever the change is, embrace it and try to comprehend it both in the short and long term. The more you see, the more you will know and the more you know the more you will understand (sorry to correct you there Mr Weller…).

Second, in addition to understanding it, view it positively. If you view the change negatively there’s a fair chance that it will be so, so break the cycle and view it positively. Ask yourself questions like, how will I benefit from this change? What learning will I get from what I am going to go through? What can I do to make the change work for me?

Finally, the ultimate “changingman” would have already foreseen the change and have a series of actions planned to light a better fuse……