I woke yesterday with a real sense of excitement. I headed to London for a client meeting; I got a chance to catch up with my team and I got home in time to spend some time with my family. What’s really strange is that today I woke with in a stinking mood – not sure why, I just did.

I’m not sure if you’re like me or not but this seems to be the way it happens, one day you wake up great but the day after you can’t get out of bed. The thing that I’ve noticed though is that whatever mood I wake up in, I can choose my attitude so as soon as that first foot hits the floor I can be as happy or as miserable as I want to be.

I remember in one of my previous roles, going to one of those company away days where everyone turns up in their ‘casual’ clothes and sets the world on fire with their rhetoric, things improve for a few days or weeks if you are lucky and then things return to normal. One of the things I took from this particular session one, however, was the ability to choose your attitude.

To illustrate the point we were shown what has become known as “The Fish Video” about a group of people in Seattle who work in a fish market. This job is probably one of the smelliest jobs there could be but rather than behaving in that way, they have decided to turn it into a show. They throw fish around whilst they serve customers, they entertain the crowd, they even have people who come on the lunch breaks to watch the show. In short they choose their attitude and it looked like they were having some fun doing it too.

So how does this apply to you? You (probably) don’t work in a fish market; you probably work in an office and have your own problems. There’s your boss who micro manages you, that report you need to get out by close of business today and your colleagues who aren’t pulling their weight. Am I getting close?

The thing is. Wherever you work, you can still turn up today and put on your best show. You don’t have to throw files around (in fact, as a Health & Safety conscious individual I’d recommend that you don’t!) but you can have fun and let people see the best you. So try it today, be like the fish sellers, get out of bed and choose your attitude.

Don’t let your day fall into a hole, make it everything you want it to be…..!