I had my companies’ Christmas party last night, I have a stinking hangover and I can’t find the Resolve I put aside for today. Writing this blog may make me sound perfect but believe me I’m far from it, I have my vices and my weaknesses like everyone else. Alcohol is one that I’ve always seemed to struggle to manage.

Anyway, in feeling my way through this hangover I’m thinking about how I was when I was nineteen and at Uni. I could drink all night and still get up and be functioning member of society the next day (well, kind of!). With my head feeling the way it does today it shows that I’m really not nineteen forever.

Its sixteen years since I was nineteen, I’ve travelled the world a couple of times, graduated from Uni, sought gainful employment, changed jobs every couple of years or so, had relationships, I’ve got married, had two children and bought two houses. There’s a fair bit of experience built into all that living.

As I pull myself together maybe not being nineteen forever isn’t too bad after all. Things….they change….and in changing you get to learn a lot about yourself and life.

So what about you? What have you done since you were nineteen? I bet there’s a host of experiences that make you better prepared to live your current life with balance and poise.

On reflection then maybe I’ll trade my reduce tolerance to hangovers for the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. Maybe one day I’ll even learn to manage my alcohol intake so that those hangovers become less of an issue. But then again maybe not, now where did I put the Resolve?