I started this blog by talking about the power of beginning things so it’s only right that I also talk about finishing things too. It’s another profound action that leaders do – they call ‘Closing Time’.

How many times have you been involved in projects or relationships that meandered their way to a close creating frustration along the way? Leaders recognise this and go all out to make sure that they finish things.

You don’t have to be rude or rush to do this – just recognise that success lies in the results you achieve.

From personal experience I know that most people are not good finishers. There seems to be an inherent dislike for going all out to complete something. Perhaps it’s in our genes. Right from being cavemen we’ve craved comfort and there is comfort in the familiar so going through the motions in a project or relationship probably makes us feel good.

There’s also fear in the unknown and by finishing that project or relationship we would be stepping out into the unfamiliar. How scary is that – a place where we might not know the rules or the predefined boundaries within which we can behave.

As a leader you have a real opportunity to make a difference here. As I’ve said before most people are not good finishers so what an opportunity you have to mark yourself out as special by taking the uncomfortable option and closing things off.

And you never know, by closing you might even create bigger new beginnings…..