Have you ever wondered how your funeral will turn out? What will be said? Who will turn up? What will be mourned or celebrated?

I don’t ask these questions to be depressive or dark in any way, I ask because thinking about what your funeral will be like can have a profound influence on the way you choose to live your life from now on.

Do you want to your funeral to be a sombre affair, poorly attended and even those people who so attend do so out of a sense of duty rather than wanting to. Do you want your eulogy to be a short dull statement of when you were born and a pithy summary of your life?

Or do you want your funeral to be a celebration of your life where almost everyone you have known feels like they must attend to pay their respects to you. Do you want your eulogy to be a glorious story of what you have achieved in your life, the successes in your life and how you helped people to live better lives?

I know which one I’m hoping to have and I think I can guess which one you would prefer.

As much as we like to think we control our lives, there is one thing that we don’t control – when our funeral will be. So start investing in that experience today, start doing the things that you know will mean your funeral will be a celebration of your accomplishments and a realisation all of you have achieved.

You know now what you would like to be said about you so start doing the things to make this happen. If you want people to talk about how you were a great family man – invest time with your family. If you want people to celebrate your work in business or the community – put time into excelling in these fields.

In the words of this great great song….Don’t let the sky grow dark with a heavy heart; let the mourners lead the parade!