Consistency is something I really struggle with. Approaching the same or similar situations in a consistent way each day regardless of how I feel, what the weather is doing or the kind of day I’m having is a real challenge for me.

May be I’m just too moody, I’m sure my wife would agree….

Regardless of my struggles I recognise that consistency is something that builds trust with work colleagues, your family and your friends. If people know the type of response you are going to give, they’ll ask for help, share their knowledge with you or just stop by for a chat. If you respond erratically, people will file these responses away to hold them against you.

This probably isn’t the sexiest or most inspiring blog but I can guarantee that everything else will fall apart without consistency. Having all the optimism, dedication and perseverance in the world will pail into insignificance if you are not able to be honest and a constant in people’s lives.

The simplest ruse I’ve found to trick myself into consistency is to think two things:

  1. My actions today could appear in tomorrow’s newspaper
  2. My thoughts can be read like an open book

Now this isn’t some lust for stardom that I’m faintly holding onto, far from it. It’s my way of thinking my way into behaving reliably.

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, we’ve taken short cuts or spoken poorly of somebody in private, but would we have done them if we’d have thought that these actions would appear in tomorrow’s newspapers?

Likewise, we’ve all had those negative and disparaging thoughts about others, even about ourselves. But would we have thought them, and probably more importantly carried on thinking them, if they could be read by anyone at any time?

I didn’t think so.

So think like your life is an open book and become an old reliable.

If you need any further persuasion on this topic, remember this from the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2010….