For a long time I thought I had to put on an act at work, that I had to be all professional and responsible – which amongst other things meant not smiling.

After a while I started to think that this was a bit daft as the people I got along with the most and the people I respected the most were the ones who smiled and had fun. I realised that being professional and having fun weren’t mutually exclusive.

So I started to do some research and found that there are lots of social, chemical and biological benefits to smiling that I’ve distilled down into my 6 reasons to smile like you mean it…..


Smiling creates a happy environment that engages others so if you are in a strained meeting and want to create a connection  – smile like you mean it.

The chemicals serotonin, dopamine and a stack of endorphins that contribute to the feelings of comfort and security are released when you smile so if you are giving a big presentation to a difficult audience  – smile like you mean it.

It is a scientific fact that the body cannot feel two opposite emotions (like fear and happiness) at the same time so if you are feeling stressed – smile like you mean it.

On a tough call with a customer and you want to put over a happy tone of voice that will win the customer over by making you sound extra friendly – smile like you mean it.

Want to be treated differently, seen as a positive influence in your team and thought of as sincere, reliable and relaxed – smile like you mean it.

People who smile more are seen as sociable and confident which can lead to being considered for promotion so if you want to move through the ranks – smile like you mean it.


So, change your ways while your young (or old) and smile like you mean it!!