I’ve just finished reading some books on Emotional Intelligence.  When I get into a topic I tend to deep dive by reading a few different things rather than skimming the topic. If you are interested, a couple of the books I’ve read are Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ and Emotional Intelligence.

Anyway, reading the books helped me think about this blog and I’ve decided to do a series of posts in the “Music as a soundtrack for leadership” theme on Emotional Intelligence.

So, here’s post No.2…..other posts in the series can be found by typing Emotional Intelligence into the search field.


Emotionally intelligent people are confident in whom they are, they are open minded and they are difficult to offend. I heard a point of view recently that said the best way to be ‘bulletproof’ is to let the shots pass through. After some initial resistance I think that it’s right.

If you think about the amount of energy it would take to deflect a bullet or how heavy you would become by keeping all of those bullets inside, then surely letting the bullets pass through has got to be the only option – right?

From my own perspective I could replace those bullets with that snotty e-mail I got from a customer or that snide comment that a ‘colleague’ made in that big meeting. I could choose to fight those things and get more and more angry, I could carry the bitterness around, storing it up deep inside of me, every day and every hour, waiting for a good time to fire back but what will it achieve?

I’m not saying you should be a push over, by all means be determined and assertive, but emotionally intelligent people are assured enough to let things pass and concentrate on moving forward, on adding value, on being better.

If you want to be emotionally intelligent, be difficult to offend, be bulletproof.