I’ve just finished reading some books on Emotional Intelligence.  When I get into a topic I tend to deep dive by reading a few different things rather than skimming the topic. If you are interested, a couple of the books I’ve read are Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ and Emotional Intelligence.

Anyway, reading the books helped me think about this blog and I’ve decided to do a series of posts in the “Music as a soundtrack for leadership” theme on Emotional Intelligence.

So, here’s post No.3…..you can find other posts in the series by typing Emotional Intelligence into the search bar

Emotionally intelligent people recognise that to gain the things that they want, first they must give them away. If you want to gain trust, first you must trust other people. If you want to be respected, treat others with respect first. As I wrote about in my post Live Forever, always aim to give more than you get. Emotionally intelligent people are constantly thinking about others and as a result they are more self-confident and build stronger relationships.

This might sound a little weird, after all isn’t it usually selfish people who look after themselves that climb the corporate ladder and achieve success? That may have been true in the past, but in the connection economy in which we now live, I don’t think that it is. Giving opens up connections and the larger your network the more success you can achieve.

Giving doesn’t just benefit other people either; it has a positive impact on your own mind-set and levels of happiness too. The neurotransmitter Serotonin is a big enabler to creating happiness and alongside activities like exercising regularly, acts of kindness help to raise your Serotonin levels.

So, to be emotionally intelligent, keep what you got by giving it all away…..aye!