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I’ve just finished reading some books on Emotional Intelligence.  When I get into a topic I tend to deep dive by reading a few different things rather than skimming the topic. If you are interested, a couple of the books I’ve read are Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ and Emotional Intelligence.

Anyway, reading the books helped me think about this blog and I’ve decided to do a series of posts in the “Music as a soundtrack for leadership” theme on Emotional Intelligence.

So, here’s post No.4…..you can find other posts in the series by typing Emotional Intelligence into the search bar

How many times a day do you say “Thank You”?

When a colleague sends you an e-mail you’ve been waiting for do you just accept it and get on with your day or do you send a quick reply to say thanks? When you get served in a shop, café or restaurant do you look the person in the eye and pass on your sincere thanks? If you don’t, you should, for their sake and yours.

We know ourselves that when someone says thanks, we appreciate it, our mood improves and we are more likely to pass on that positive temperament to others. We create a multiplier effect. 

But what happens to you when you say thanks?

Actually it’s pretty much the same thing. Science has shown that, simply by saying thank you, your cortisol levels (the hormone that induces stress) reduce by as much as a quarter. Imagine that, for something that costs you absolutely nothing you can improve your energy, mood and health whilst doing the same for those around you by saying two simple words. Amazing.

Emotionally intelligence people practice gratitude. Be one of them.

Thanks for reading….Now pass it on!