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First up, apologies….this isn’t a post about hedonistic weekend pursuits and self-indulgent pleasure seeking. It’s about something much more boring – working hours.


So it’s Saturday morning, just after 7, my wife and children are still in bed and I’m just finishing off some work. For most people this would seem a bit odd, after all work is a Monday to Friday thing – right?


Actually, I don’t think that it is anymore. The premise of getting people to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, was done to help with transporting everyone to work as efficiently as possible – getting trains and buses to commute people to their place of work so that everyone could do the same things at the same time.


The problem is we don’t really live in the industrial age anymore – we live in an information age where people being in the same place at the same time isn’t that important anymore. So why work the same days and hours? Why don’t we use time in a different way? If you need to leave work an hour early to watch a school play or even get that exercise class in that you keep missing then why not? You can always catch up later that evening….or on a Saturday morning!


Surely all that matters is the outcomes you achieve, not how much time you spent at your desk….


And if you’re boss doesn’t agree, my advice…..get a new boss!


About this song:

I don’t normally comment on the songs that provide inspiration for the posts but thought I’d make an exception in this case. If you haven’t heard this song I suggest you press play on the YouTube video. It’s a near 13 minute epic that takes in guitar led indie, dub, house and a bit of funk. The Quadrophenia samples only add to the majesty. Hope you like it.