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Last Saturday I posted a blog about the information age and the benefits of flexible working. I’ve had some really good comments about both the post and the soundtrack but a few people have taken it to mean that it’s OK to add two more days on to your working week with no comeback, so I thought I would add another post talking about other key practices for your weekends.

The first thing I love to do on my weekends is exercise. I’m currently training pretty hard for a series of 10k runs and my weekends offer a great opportunity to do the longer runs as part of my training programme. What’s more, the time out pounding the streets or jogging through the woods on another cross country run gives me a great opportunity to process my thoughts, to let my brain just digest everything that has happened over the previous week.

This leads me on to the second thing that I like to do on my weekends….Taking the time to shut off and reflect. Whilst I advocate using weekends to be flexible and do work if needed, I also support unhooking from e-mails, phone calls and other distractions. Giving yourself the time to think will help you reduce stress levels and help you to see things with a renewed focus. I’m sure you are the same as me, you get your best ideas when you are relaxed, which usually only comes when you take time out.

Finally, whilst I think taking time out is great. I’m also really careful to make sure I don’t spend the weekends slumbering away. My body clock wakes me up daily at about 5:30 and I make sure that on weekends it is the same. I know lots of people would think this is strange, after all aren’t weekends about lying in bed on a Saturday and Sunday morning? Sleep happens in cycles and if you change those cycles you run the risk of feeling worn out and weary as your body struggles to adjust. There are so many productive things to do be done on a weekend, for me dozing away just isn’t one of them.

So in the words of the song, “Weekender….whatever you are doing, just make sure what you are doing makes you happy….!”