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“What do I do now?”

As soon as you ask this question you’ve lost. By asking this question you’ve given up your power to decide and create.

So why do people do it?

I think it’s for two reasons, the first is mental programming. From our early years, through school and into our working lives we are encouraged to ask permission from our parents, teachers or bosses; this leads onto the second reason – because it makes people feel safe.

The big illusion here is safety.

It may have true in the past, it may have been safe to follow instructions passed down by someone else and you would achieve ‘success’. But with the challenges of the current economic climate or the way in which technology, politics and social trends are disrupting business models and team structures, just following instructions doesn’t create safety anymore. There are plenty of people who can follow instructions; do you want to be one of many? The old adage of safety in numbers isn’t true, being one of a number makes you pretty dispensable. 

The ones who achieve success are the ones who ‘take permission’ rather than seeking it. If you are not sure how to do this, here are some thoughts to get you started….

If you have an idea….share it.

If you can see the edge….go for it.

If you have some options….make a decision.

If you have a plan….execute it.

If you make a mistake….great, learn from it!