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Last week I wrote about the importance of taking permission and making yourself indispensable. I hope you enjoyed it.

But what if you manage a team or an organisation and want to change the mind-set of your people from constantly seeking permission to taking ownership. What can you do?

My advice is to think about how you GROW your people.

GROW is a coaching model that will help you have positive conversations, give your people control of their decisions and the plan for how to get there. Even better it’s an acronym (I love a good acronym!) that stands for:

  • What is the Goal?
  • What is the current Reality?
  • What Options do you have?
  • What Will we do?

The key to delivering this process effectively is to ask good questions. It might be easier to provide an answer, you might even think you are helping by giving guidance on what the solution might be, but how does that break the cycle for who owns the decision? Keep asking questions, encourage your people to go deeper, to explore the options and create the plans that will deliver their goals.

Finally, if you want to try this model out in a safe environment why not try it on yourself to get “unstuck”? Think about the good questions you could ask at each stage and practice asking them to move your own problems and opportunities on. So when you use it with others, you’ll be comfortable with the process.

Make the question “what do I do now?” a thing of the past in your team and GROW your people…..