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I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “fool’s gold”; it refers to an item believed to be valuable to the owner which ends up not being so. Originally it was about other yellow metals being mistaken for real gold but what could it mean in today’s world?

Here are my thoughts…..

In a procurement sense, putting in place a solution that tries to cater for the masses but ignores the differences that individuals or groups need from the solution.

In a marketing sense, sending out a broadcast message that attempts to hit as many people as possible but means very little to any one customer in a way that will help them engage with your brand and product.

In a leadership sense, creating a cultural development programme that expects everyone in the organisation to behave in the same way and leaves little room for diversity or individual expression.

Whatever your field of expertise I’m sure you can think of your own version of this…..

It might be easier to approach things at a mass level. You can do things once and you can tick the box, but that’s where the modern sense of fool’s gold comes in. You might feel happy that you’ve delivered your task but does it deliver you value?

Approach things at an individual level, take time to understand what their needs are and put solutions in place that answer their questions. It will take longer but will be worth it in the end….

About the song:

Fool’s Gold is an absolute classic from 1989 that had everyone stepping out on to the dance floor at my local Youth Club when I was growing up. I find it hard to believe sometimes that this song is over 25 years old! This song, alongside Hallelujah by the Happy Monday, heralded the beginning of new movement in British Music. If you like it, check out their debut album also called The Stone Roses.