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I wrote in my last post about how the lessons I took from running had transferred into my work and social life. Today whilst stretching after my morning run, I realised a few more.

Through stretching I can loosen my muscles to help me run faster in the future. Proper stretching takes time though. I used to reach down to my toes, bounce up and down a few times and think my stretching was done. It was only when I started taking the time to hold and sustain a stretch for a while that I really felt the benefit and started to gain the more flexibility.

The parallel to this is the sustained period needed to create any change. A quick foray into a new market, a skirmish with a new process or dabbling with a new way of working will not create lasting change. Only by holding this stretch will it allow the change to take effect and only then will your limits grow.

The other lesson I have learnt is that for stretching to really be of benefit you need to do it daily. Stretching out once a week is clearly better than not at all, but to really get the benefit you need to make it part of your regime.

The parallel to this is any sustained change in your life needs to be accompanied by daily actions that reinforce and make permanent what you are trying to achieve. If you really want to grow and develop you need to do something every day to stretch yourself and keep moving forward. Not doing this is the quickest way to restricting yourself and ending up back where you started.

So make sure there’s no debate, stretch out and wait….stretch out and wait!

About the song:

The Smiths are the ultimate ‘marmite’ band – you either love them or you hate them and I absolutely love them. This song was originally a b-side on the “Shakespeare’s Sister” single and featured on the “Louder Than Bombs” compilation album. A great example of how Morrissey and Marr combine to tell a kitchen sink drama story over an understated guitar track. Hope you enjoyed it!