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Who is a leader in your organisation? Is it the MD or Chief Executive? Is the Board and the Senior Management Team?

Or is it everyone everywhere?

The traditionally held view is that leadership is the exclusive property of those people at the top of the organisation. Many of us believe that leadership is bestowed on individuals based on their role or function in that organisation. This view has been driven from the industrial age where people went to work, told what to do and how to do it. Success was driven by economies of scale and commoditisation. There wasn’t a need for individual leadership. The person at the top made decisions and everyone else followed.

We no longer live in the industrial age. The overriding motivations of making and selling things as efficiently as possible have given way to creating connections and innovating. The view on leadership also needs to change. The old fashioned view needs to give way to one where everyone everywhere can be a leader.

I’m not advocating some kind of anarchy but if you think of leadership as people taking responsibility, being proactive and owning their actions then surely this view holds true?

Everyone everywhere can be innovative.

Everyone everywhere can be positive.

Everyone everywhere can take on change.

Everyone everywhere can lift up their colleagues.

You can be a leader.

About the song:

After a four year hiatus New Order followed up the amazing “Technique” album with “Republic”. Written during the final demise of Factory Records the title of the album was a strong statement about the band moving on from their 15 year relationship with the label. Everyone Everywhere is one of the stand out tracks on this album but rather than play the studio version I thought you might like a live version, recorded in Montreal in 1993, instead. Enjoy!