What is business?

Is it a place where you turn up Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm? Or where you can challenge yourself, do interesting things, meet great people and create self-fulfilment?

Is it a place where you can pull people down, criticise others and play office politics? Or where you can encourage others to play their best game?

Is it a place where you can focus on squeezing as much money from your customers as possible?  Or where you can focus on delivering great service and creating connections with your customers so they come back time and time again?

Is it a place where you can consume resources without a thought for the future? Or where you can be responsible and put something back into your community, the economy and environment?

To paraphrase the song. Do you wanna make it in your business? How far do you wanna go?

You have a choice.

You can decide.

About the song:

I featured the Catfish & Bottlemen album “The Balcony” on my Top 10, the album is that good. “The Business” is all about metronomic bass and drums, angsty guitars and sing-along vocals – what more could you need?

Apologies to anyone with a sensitive disposition for the occasional expletive!