It’s August. In the UK this means the Summer time and holiday season.

I’ve got some quite exciting times planned over the next month or so. My children have broken up from school and are enjoying their free time. In a few days’ time we’re all going on a trip around Spain taking in the magnificent cities of Barcelona and Madrid followed by some much needed relaxation time in Marbella.

I’m really looking forward to the break but at the same time I want to get as much from the experience as possible. I don’t want to go back to work wondering where the time went.

My plan is to dive straight into it. To try new things, immerse myself in the culture, eat different foods and go to cool places where I can take in the scenery and soak up the atmosphere.

Ultimately I think that’s what it all comes down to. To get the most out of anything, you have to put the most into it.

I’m not going to let the long hot summer just pass me by….

I hope you don’t too!

About the song:

I’m too young to remember how it felt at the time when Paul Weller disbanded The Jam, one of the most successful guitar based bands of the time, and returned with the more soul/funk influenced band The Style Council. It must have been quite a shock for many die hard fans. Moving away from the angry punk anthems, this song is pretty much a synth ballad but still Weller delivers a great song.

To be honest, the only that disappoints is the dancing from 2:19 in on the video!!!