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Steve Jobs is a hero of our time. He gave us so many inspirational quotes that one blog post wouldn’t do him justice. But there is one quote that comes back to me time and time again….

“If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”

About today.

What if today was that day?

What would you do?

Who would you see?

Who would you talk to?

What would you discuss?

How would you feel?

I’m not trying to be depressive, maudlin or alarmist but what if it was today?

It’s easy to get drawn into spending your days doing those non-important things to fill your time.  When you look at it through the lens of this quote, does it still feel right?

How else could you live today?

Take action and make a difference.

Spend time with those you care about.

Talk to positive people and help each other get better.

Discuss ideas, not people or events.

Feel like you’ve done everything possible to make it a great day.

Whatever you do today, don’t let it just slip away!