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I did one of my favourite cross country running routes this morning.

Part of the route takes me to a place called Keepers Lane, which is a hill and a half! My Garmin 210 tells me its 400m long with an incline of 200ft from the bottom to the top.

I’ve run up it quite a few times now but today I absolutely flew up it! It hasn’t always been the case though and after today’s success I did try to remember the first time.

The first time was a disaster! I stopped three times to catch my breath and was thoroughly disgusted with myself by the time I reached the top – where I took another break for some much needed oxygen!

Isn’t this usually the case when we try something new?

When we stretch ourselves to try something different it is quite normal to fail at first.

So if we fail the first time why should we try again?

Seth Godin has a line that goes something like “If I fail more than you. I win” I think he’s absolutely right.

If you see failure as a part of the process to getting better, how can you lose?

Taking this approach will mark you out as different. This isn’t the way that most people think.

So try something new, find your own Keepers Lane on a daily basis.

The first time will probably be the worst time, but you will grow as you try!