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How often do you give in to temptation?

How often do you take the easy option when the better thing to do would be to resist and  maintain a level of self control?

Giving in to temptation can come in various forms. There are the obvious ones like eating sweet or fatty foods, or indulging in other vices like alcohol or gambling.

But, there are many other ways that we also give in to temptation.

What about the temptation to get involved in an email tennis match when someone sends us a stroppy note? Surely the best thing to do is discuss and resolve the issue face to face or on the telephone.

What about the temptation to hide our ideas so that they can’t be exposed to others’ critical thinking? Surely the better thing to do would be to share the ideas and let others build on them. If it’s a good idea it will stand up to the challenge.

What about the temptation to let the daily frustrations get the better of us so that we don’t play our highest game? Surely overcoming these frustrations should be motivation enough to keeping striving to improve.

What about the temptation to do what everyone else is doing, whether that’s individually or organisationally? Isn’t that just engaging in a race to the bottom when we should be thinking about how we can aim higher, differentiate and create new value through what we do?

The leadership guru Robin Sharma has a phrase that goes something like, “the price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.” I think he’s absolutely right.

Leadership can be many things but one of the biggest has got to be not giving in to temptation.

About the song:

In my humble opinion this is one of the best songs that has ever been written! Capturing the band in perfect metamorphosis between the post-Joy Division sound and the promise of the emerging electronic music that their next single “Blue Monday” would go on to deliver. I’ve used the more polished version from the late 80s in the video link but if you want to hear the original click here!