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One word.


Imagine making such an impact in your life that someone writes a song about you.

That people call you a Saint.

What difference would we have to make to our community for this to be the case?

Quite a scary thought, but quite inspiring too.

Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” demonstrates how our motivations progress from the very basics such as food, shelter through to social aspects, the need for self-esteem and finally, self-actualisation.

What most people are unaware of is that before he died, Maslow added another layer of motivation to his model – the need for self transcendence. Or, to put it quite simply, the need to leave a legacy.

We won’t all have a song written about us or get called a Saint, but we could all strive to leave our own legacy.

What will yours be?

About the song:

“St Anthony” is a poem written by Mike Garry that was then committed to music by composer Joe Durrell. The music is based on the New Order track “Your Silent Face”. All profits from the single go to ‘The Christie Charitable Fund’ so if you want to know more about this song or donate click here.