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I’ve had quite a stressful time over the last few weeks. Various things have conspired to come together, creating a well of anxiety and worry.

The situation came reached its peak a few days ago when I woke up at 3am (again) with the now familiar thoughts running through my head again.

Rather than encouraging the anxiety and trying to find the answers to all of my problems; this time, I tried a different approach. I asked myself what would really happen if the things I worried about came true. I then started thinking about all the times I’d brought home my stress and the impact it was having on me and those around me.

Suddenly, I felt quite liberated. I felt my worries just disappear. So what if the things I feared happened, would it really be the end of the world?

It was then that I was reminded of that phrase, “The only people who don’t have problems are dead.”

We all have problems. For some it might be issues at work, for others it’s their health or their relationships.

Equally, we all have a choice. We can decide to let the problems consume us or we can stare them down, take what we need to resolve the issues and improve our lives in the future.

If you don’t believe, it can’t hurt you…..

About the song:

Nothing But Thieves burst on to the scene for me earlier this year when I heard this track and immediately downloaded the EP. Compared to Joy Division, Muse and Radiohead I can hear those influences in their songs but they have a sound all of their own. I saw them live in Manchester during the Summer and the set they played blew the headline band off the stage. Their debut album is released on the 16th October. I can’t wait!