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As a leader, one of our most important roles is to make ourselves redundant.

I don’t mean that in the traditional sense or that we should intentionally mess things up to get fired. But, we can create a situation where we aren’t required to make every decision or be in control at every turn.

Why would we want to make ourselves redundant?

Surely if you aren’t seen as responsible for ‘things’ then you run the risk of actually being made redundant?



As a leader your role is to create the future by working on the vision and strategy for your business, department or team. At the same time, by encouraging others to take responsibility for their actions you are developing the leaders of the future.

So how do we make ourselves redundant?

First of all it’s about recruitment. When the opportunity arises you need to bring in people with the right knowledge and skills. More importantly though, you need to bring in people who also have the right attitude to take the increased permission you give them and run with it.

Next is delegation. Agree the outcomes that need to be achieved and then get out of the way so they can work out how to do it. I’m not saying you should be absent or invisible but don’t be too hasty to offer a solution so quickly.

Finally, give feedback. If it goes well, give praise. If not, ask questions to work out how things could be done better next time (I covered this in more detail in a previous post – What do I do know Pt2).

The old maxim that management (and by association leadership) is what happens when you are not around has never been more true.

Start making yourself redundant today!