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Being told you are naïve is a crushing indictment. Apparently being innocent and inexperienced is a bad thing. Not knowing the answer to every question is wrong.

Or is it?

Is it bad to approach situations with ‘ignorance’? Is it wrong to ask the ‘stupid’ question because you don’t come armed with years and years of knowledge about how things are done?

I don’t think so.

Almost every step change ever made was due to someone separating themselves from the pack and asking why things are done that particular way. All innovations start with a person looking at convention and deciding to do something else instead.

Some people have even turned this into an art form. I used to work with someone who had years of experience but every day I heard him ask, “Forgive the stupid question here, but why do we do things like that?” Usually the question turned into a discussion that meant we looked at what we were doing with a fresh pair of eyes.

If you want to make a difference, don’t be afraid of asking, be naïve.

About the song:

The final single off the excellent debut album Inside In/Inside Out it followed hot on the heels of other great The Kooks songs including “She Moves in Her Own Way”. Quirky guitars and Luke Pritchard’s vocals created a tune that will keep you humming it all day!