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Why do so many projects fail?

What is it about change that means we are comfortable getting started but somewhere before we make it to the end we stop?

Some call it the Resistance, the Lizard Brain or the Fear but basically it all comes down to the same thing.

At some point there will be a decision where we either take a leap out of our comfort zone to move things forward or stay as we are, avoiding any further change.

Sadly most people choose the latter option.  But what can you do to change this cycle?

Firstly, recognise the point when the Resistance kicks in. Rather than giving in to the emotion, use it as a spring board and recommit to the change.

Secondly, set small goals. The Resistance is amplified by the perceived enormity of your project. Quieten the noise by making the steps smaller and easier to achieve. As Stephen Covey once wrote, “Action is the antidote to procrastination”

Finally, reward yourself. The brain can’t process two emotions at the same time so praise yourself for the progress and make that the prevailing feeling.

Put all of this together and you’ll make it to the end…..!