As regular readers of this blog you’ve probably recognised my admiration for all things Seth Godin, including his daily blog.

I have marvelled for quite a while at the way he is able to create inspirational messages every day and wondered what it takes to commit to that level of regular output.

Recently I was listening to an interview where he was asked that very question and he posed the challenge of blogging everyday for 60 days to make it a ritual.

Listening to the interview I thought, “yeah, why not!” so from tomorrow I will attempt to rise to the challenge and blog every day for 60 days. It will interesting to see how if I can keep up the ritual and how I feel at the end of the period – whether I want to carry on or not!

So, why start tomorrow? What’s so special about the 3rd November 2015.

Well, tomorrow I am going to a conference that Seth is leading so figured that this date should be the figurative start date for the challenge.

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Wish me luck!