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The storm.

Big decisions are being made. Hours and hours have been spent on producing business case documents, option appraisals and recommendation reports. You’ve received the stamp of approval and your project has been signed off.

But what happens after the storm?

In most circumstances, very little.

It’s incredible to think about all the time, money and resources invested into projects that go unchecked.

Often, the next big thing comes along taking everyone’s attention into an exciting world the new project promises. In some projects, it’s plainly obvious that the promised benefits haven’t been achieved so it becomes easier to ignore this and simply move on.

As leaders what can we do differently?

The first thing is to be clear about the benefits of the project. Outline what improvements are expected and when they will be delivered.

Second, make sure everyone owns the delivery of benefits. I am constantly amazed when things get tough, rather than refocusing efforts, energy seems to be placed on debating the merits of the original project.

Finally, celebrate success. As you realise the benefits share this with the rest of the business. Not only will this bring benefit to the current project, but it will create the awareness, momentum and confidence needed for future projects.

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.