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The first post I ever published was called ‘Begin‘ where I talked about the power of simply starting projects and how you were infinitely more likely to complete something by doing so.

I recently read the excellent book, ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek and I realised that if you want to be successful just starting isn’t enough. To be ready to start you need a powerful reason why.

Whether motivating yourself or others, being ready to start by understanding and communicating your purpose has proven to be far more effective than simply sharing what you are planning to achieve.

So if this way is more effective, why is it not used as often?

Partly, I think it comes down to ease. It is easier to externalise ‘what’ and ‘how’ we plan to do something. We can do it objectively with project plans, GANTT charts, method statements etc. If there is disagreement we can always change the plan or move the milestones on our chart.

The alternative, talking about ‘why’ we want to do something comes from a deeper and more personal level. Disagreements here challenge our values which are fundamentally more difficult to change.

It might be more difficult but if you want to be ready to start, start with why.

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.