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I find it incredibly interesting that the same situation viewed by two different people can look very different.

I tend to be driven by facts and figures and in the past I have come from a position where there can only be one truth.

However, based on our nature and experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that we reach for our own version of the truth. This version can be very different from what others think. As Robin Sharma says, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

How often do we stop and seek to view a situation from someone else’s perspective?

How often do we use the looking glass to reflect a different stance on the circumstances we find ourselves in?

I have been in so many situations where I’ve taken time to listen and understand where someone else is coming from. Once I understand their truth I’ve been able to empathise and work towards a better solution.

My challenge is to do this automatically rather than as an after-thought.

Using the looking glass properly can, in the words of the song, “turn the world around…”

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.