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She’s  really good at data analysis but is cold and impassionate.

She’s great at coming up with new ideas but is a bit flaky .

She’s a brilliant networker but won’t stop talking and listen sometimes.

She’s very meticulous but inflexible when change is needed.

Our weaknesses are nothing more than our strengths being overplayed. They are our ‘twinsides’.

Ironically, we spend so much time working on development plans to eradicate our perceived weaknesses, but the truth is, it’s far easier to build on our strengths than try to develop our weaknesses.

Clearly self-awareness is key in how we do this but a balanced approach to personal development is going to gain bigger rewards. As the song says, “Make way for the end of frustration, make way for a united front!”

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.