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How many meetings have you been in where discussions go down the ‘rabbit hole’?

Conversations in meetings that don’t produce outcomes are a crime. They are stealing our most valuable resource – time.

In my experience, this happens in two ways; either discussion gets too detailed for the level of the meeting or they centre on how things have always been done ‘around here’.

I’m sure you have your own experiences of disappearing down the rabbit hole!

There is only one way to tackle this issue and that is to ‘call it’ at the time.

Grumbling afterwards might make you feel better but it won’t change the behaviour in meetings.

Use a parking lot to come back to issues or put a clock on the issue and challenge people to come up with a set of actions in that time. It’s amazing how this will focus minds on what is important.

Just don’t get lost down the rabbit hole!

This blog is part of my 60 day blog challenge.