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Technology is changing at a rate never before seen.


Whole industries are being disrupted and changed almost overnight.


Social media has broken down communication barriers to the extent that a single message can now be heard around the world in a manner of seconds.


The future is a haze.


So what does this mean for us as leaders?


We need to be comfortable with the ever changing ‘new normal’. If we are going to take others to new destinations through the haze we first need to ready, willing and able to be there too.


Second, we need to communicate in a practical way that explains what change means. This isn’t an act where we celebrate the “new opportunities” without any concrete detail. Navigating through the haze means we describe the new strategies and what it means to the way people will do their jobs in the future and how teams will interact.


Finally, we need to involve people in the thinking. As I wrote about in a previous post (Not My Idea) we don’t have a monopoly on all the best ideas. In the haze, as traditional structures are broken down, it’s likely that the best ideas will come from others so use that to your advantage.


In the words of the song, the haze will turn you “upside down”. The plans you have now will not be the outcomes you ultimately deliver. But all of this feels a little clearer if you take people with you.


This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.