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“Seems like there’s a hole in my dreams.”


I was listening to this song as I planned out a new project I am working on and it got me thinking about what is needed to deliver our dreams.


The concept of holes struck me pretty hard and I started to write about where I see the holes in our dreams….


Hole #1. If people don’t understand your vision, you will create apathy.


Hole #2. If people don’t have the skills, you will create anxiety.


Hole #3. If people can’t see what is in it for them, you will create resistance.


Hole #4. If there isn’t enough time, money and resource, you will create frustration.


Hole #5. If there isn’t an effective plan, you will create confusion.


The three conclusions I took from this thinking are:


  1. We are the architect of our own dreams.


  1. We can fill each of the holes if we want to. It might be hard work but it’s not impossible.


  1. We need to work on the vision before we work on the plan.



I hope you keep filling in the holes.


This blog is part of my 60 day blog challenge.