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There are times when things just feel right. We are fully immersed in a task or a project, we have energy and we gain enjoyment from it. Our world is in motion.

Frustratingly, these times drift in and out so I’ve tried to understand what creates this feeling.

Through research I have come across the psychological term “flow” which is described as that state of having a completely focussed motivation.

The two key aspects of achieving flow are the level of challenge you experience from a task, project or job mapped against your skills, knowledge and experience.

If the challenge is too low, boredom ensues.

If the challenge is too high, panic sets in.

The key learning for me was that this is a constant process. Our skills, knowledge and experience will develop over time so we should look for more demanding challenges or we risk falling into apathy.

At the same time, we should recognise that with any new task, project or role there will be things we don’t know which will create some initial fear. But, as we acquire the skills required we move back towards that sweet-spot where flow helps us to harness those emotions and we achieve even better results.

If you want to keep your world in motion, seek out the flow!

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.