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I am a competitive person. Whether it’s a challenge at work, a football game, a 10k run or a game of jenga with my children I want to do my best and win.


What I’ve also come to realise is that no matter what I achieve there’s a part of me that says, “It’s never enough”.


No matter how much money I earn, it’s never enough.


No matter how many goals I score, it’s never enough.


No matter how fast my finishing time is, it’s never enough.


No matter how many games I win, it’s never enough.


It would be really easy to say this is a self-defeating behaviour and simply stop doing it, but the reality is a different matter.


The challenge comes from changing my beliefs. Changing from “it’s never enough” to “it’s good enough” is a hard thing to do.  Realising my achievements are good enough and that it’s ok to strive for more.


This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.