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We recently conducted our annual customer survey and one of the questions asked customers to describe our service using 3 adjectives.

Based on the frequency of the words that were played back, we created a word cloud where the larger sized words were more frequently used and the smaller words less so.

The results were very impressive and when I saw the completed word cloud I was immediately drawn to the words that celebrated the positive aspects of our service.

As I shared it around the business I noticed a different phenomenon. It was interesting to note the number of people who straight away started to point out the negative words no matter how small (and therefore less frequently used) they were.

I think this experience speaks to a bigger point – you get more of what you celebrate. If you focus on the positives and celebrate all your successes no matter how small they are, I firmly believe you will see more of this come back to you.

At the same time, if you revel in the negative and draw the worst from every situation, I think you will get more of this in the future too.

Focusing on getting better and using feedback to understand what we can do to make improvements is a very valid approach.

But approach it with eager eyes and be Mr (or Mrs) Brightside!

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.