Leaders know their people.

They participate in the business.

Sadly I have seen many leaders who think that skimming the surface is enough. They think that not spending the time to understand customer drivers and how the business works, is ok.

You cannot lead by just looking.

Equally I have seen great leaders at work. Allan Leighton, during his time as Chief Executive of Asda, was a great leader.

He would lead by walking around.

He was personally involved in the business, he knew what customer wanted, he had a deep knowledge of operations and had empathy for colleagues.

This isn’t an exercise in micro-management. You can lead by walking around and still allow others to have control over how they do things.

But, by asking questions from a position of knowledge you will find out where the gaps are and build trust with you colleagues by working together to find the solutions.

It isn’t about just looking. It’s about seeing what’s missing!

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.