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It seems the world (and my email inbox!) are full of quick fixes.

It seems like every day I receive something else that promises to tell me the five ways to achieve greatness in a certain part of my life or seven ways to kill it at work.

If your goal is to make small improvements in your life then by all means click on the links and see what you can do to implement some or all of the suggestions.

The danger with this approach though is that in moments of pressure we revert to type. At the very moment we need to draw on the change we have been seeking, we are likely to respond in exactly the same way as before.

If we want to make lasting change we need to create a better awareness of our beliefs and how we approach situations. Improved awareness means we have more choice over our actions which will in turn create improved results.

I’m not awaiting a quick fix!

This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.

(Song by Miles Hunt although there doesn’t appear to be YouTube video available)