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I’ve noticed recently that there is a common theme that runs through some of my posts – we become more like the people we spend most of our time with. 


With this knowledge it becomes really important that we choose well in all areas of our lives, particularly in work and socially.


In work, recruiting is an honour that many struggle with this by not setting high standards. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a big fan of the ‘Manager Tools’ podcast series and on the subject of recruitment they are incredibly clear. If there is any reason to say “No” to recruiting a person then you must carry on the search. It’s easy to give in to the temptation after seeing a number of candidates when you find someone who is just ‘OK’ for the role.


In the short term you’ll probably feel relieved, you’ve filled your vacant post and the work you’ve been picking up can start to be done by someone else. In the long run, however, you are likely to feel more pain as the standards of the recruit don’t meet yours or those of your team.


Holding your nerve, waiting for those good good people is the only way to recruit.


Socially too, we should be selective about who we spend our time with.  The time we spend together and conversations we have rubs off into all other aspects of our lives. Should we spend it with people who want to dwell on the negatives or speak poorly of others? Or should we spend it with optimists and those who want to lift people up to achieve higher goals?


I know where I’m spending my time, it’s with all you good good people!


This post is part of my 60 day blog challenge.