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What do we do when the power’s out?

What do we do when the lights go down?

In the UK right now we are in the middle of some incredibly bad weather and as a result, we had a power cut that went on for about 3 hours last night.

It was interesting to see what happened during the cut.

At first there was annoyance. It was suddenly dark, our normal activities had been interrupted and we didn’t know how long for.

Then came the novelty of the situation. My children were running around the house with torches and flashlights. They loved the darkness and the quiet.

Once we had settled down and the initial excitement had worn off we started to connect. Without the distraction of the TV or other devices we just talked.

We talked about what we had done over the previous few days and what we had planned over the next few days. We talked about the Christmas presents my children had just received and how things were going at school.

The events took us away from our usual habits which created the initial frustration but ultimately the experience was hugely rewarding.

That’s what we did when the power went out.

That’s what we did when the lights went down.