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I love getting into the mind of an entrepreneur. I find it fascinating to read about Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie and many others to find out what drives and motivates them.


At the same time, I have been lucky enough to work with some great people who display entrepreneurial spirit on a daily basis. I’m hoping that from time to time some of that has rubbed off on me!


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to another entrepreneur – my hairdresser!


As I received the regular “short back and sides” cut, my hairdresser updated me on plans for her business. How she had introduced a loyalty card to encourage people to keep coming back, interviewing nail technicians and other beauty therapists to increase the range of services offered and looking at other premises to broaden her empire. She is definitely a hairdresser on fire!


The thing I noticed with all of her plans was she kept things really simple, she found out what her customers wanted and gave it to them.


Whether we consider ourselves an entrepreneur or not, this is a lesson that we can all take a lead from!