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I recently wrote a guest post for The Writing Habit blog where I shared how my approach has developed over the years. If you want to read it click here.

In writing the post I noticed some definitive themes.

The first theme was that I preferred quiet time to write my posts. This started out by using the time on train journeys and has evolved to pretty much any quiet time that I can find these days.

The second was that the more I have written the more I find how comfortable I am with writing. When I first started writing these posts they needed to be of a certain length and written in a certain style. As I have grown more comfortable, I have started to use different styles and accept that some posts will be longer or shorter than others depending on the message I want to get across.

Finally, when I decided to start posting daily I feared that I would run out of ideas quite quickly. In fact, the reverse happened, I get 3 or 4 Stuck on Amber inspired posts a day that I make a draft note of and come back to at some point in the future.

If you are reading this post and want to start a blog or want to write more often, my advice would be to just start writing.

As Seth Godin is fond of saying, “There is no such things as writer’s block!”