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Perhaps inspired by the story I told in a previous post about Simen Agdestein, the first Norwegian grandmaster, a friend and I decided to play a game of chess the other day.

I hadn’t played for a number of years but we both enjoyed the experience. Whilst playing, I had a couple of observations….

First, it was great to take some time out and actually think. I don’t know about you but my days are usually full of going from one meeting to another, quickly making decisions then moving on to the next thing. I really enjoyed the time to actually think about the strategy and where my next moves would be.

The other thing I noticed was I spent pretty much all of my time thinking just about my moves. I wasn’t thinking about my opponent’s potential moves and what her strategy might be at all. I think there is a clear parallel with life in this. We spend most of our time wrapped up in our own issues or what our own motivations are. Not what others might be thinking or what their needs might be.

Hopefully, now that I’ve been thinking it over, I can learn to think of others and show a bit more empathy.


P.S. If you haven’t head this song before I recommend you click on the YouTube link, it has one of the best intros to a song ever!