Stuck on Amber (Music as a soundtrack for leadership)


“Seems like there’s a hole in my dreams.”

I was listening to this song as I planned out a new project I am working on and it got me thinking about what is needed to deliver our dreams.

The concept of holes struck me pretty hard and I started to write about where I see the holes in our dreams….

Hole #1. If people don’t understand your vision, you will create apathy.

Hole #2. If people don’t have the skills, you will create anxiety.

Hole #3. If people can’t see what is in it for them, you will create resistance.

Hole #4. If there isn’t enough time, money and resource, you will create frustration.

Hole #5. If there isn’t an effective plan, you will create confusion.

The three conclusions I took from this thinking are:

  1. We are the architect of our own dreams.

  1. We can fill each of the holes if we want to. It might be…

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